x-Sheridan Dems Complete Convention & Platform 2020

The Sheridan County Democrats held their Presidential Caucus April 28th choosing presidential candidate delegates to the State Convention and compiling their platform to help guide candidates and highlight current issues challenging the state and nation.

Delegates for presidential candidates Joe Biden (13 delegates) and Bernie Sanders (4 delegates) will represent these candidates at the June 6th Wyoming Democratic Party Convention.

Sheridan County Democrats began their platform with a preamble expressing thanks to those on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic, “The selfless sacrifice of so many is giving hope for the future in the state of Wyoming and across our nation during these challenging times.”

Hollis Hackman, Sheridan County Democratic Party Chair, stated, “The content created for our platform comes through an open process and reflects many needs and challenges Wyoming people are facing today. It also celebrates the many assets in our state and calls to protect and preserve these important places and our freedoms.”

The platform includes support for affordable, accessible, and comprehensive healthcare for every American, and the Democratically held belief in “equal opportunity that rewards employment for all Wyoming citizens.”

Looking to a sustainable future for Wyoming, the new platform encourages a long-term vision for Wyoming and the diversification of the Wyoming economy. 

Democrats celebrate the great natural assets of Wyoming, highlighting the importance of “clean air, land, and water, open spaces, and Wyoming’s abundant wildlife and world-class wilderness to our quality of life, now and into the future.”

With a nod to the continuing controversy surrounding money in politics, an additional plank states that, “Corporations are not people and money is not speech,” and decries the influence of corporate money and corporate aims being prioritized over the general welfare and needs of the nation.

A comprehensive view of the final 2020 Sheridan County Democratic Platform may be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Sheridan County Democratic Platform Link https://sheridancountydemocrats.com/index.php/sheridan-county-democratic-platform-2020/