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  • Land Steal

  • The 2024 Budget Session

    The 2024 Budget Session of our Legislature – Mon Feb 12 – Fri March 8th. A short 20-day schedule. Learn how to learn what’s going on in the Equality State.

  • Take Action on SOS’s Agenda to Restrict the Freedom to Vote

    A few weeks ago Secretary of State Gray proposed a new regulation tied to Wyoming’s Voter Photo ID law.  Rep Karlee Provenza (District 45 Laramie) summed it up – “The Secretary of State is pushing his agenda on the people of Wyoming without a democratic process.” 

    The new regulation will require that your residency address match the address on the photo identification used to vote.  If the voter’s ID shows another address or no address at all, proof of residency will be required showing the voter’s current address.  State citizens without proper secondary documentation could be disenfranchised if they don’t have a bank account, rent without a utility bill or don’t have a permanent residence.  Many Wyoming students and transient workers may be affected.

    Let the Secretary of State know that you oppose this unnecessary addition to Wyoming’s already secure voter laws.  There have been 3 cases of voter fraud in the last 23 years in Wyoming!  Let’s encourage patriotism, turn out the vote and not restrict it! 

    Email Chuck Gray’s Chief Policy Officer Joe Rubino at

    Subject “Proposed Chapter 2 Voter Identification Requirements”

    Make your voice heard!!!  The public comment period ends January 26, 2024.

    For more information see this link- Proposed Rules!

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