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Wyoming 66th Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming Legislature convened January 12th at noon, for a virtual one-day session. Governor Gordon delivered a message at 2:00 PM. A limited number of committee bills were introduced and referred to standing committees to work on the following week. The Legislature will reconvene on January 27th via Zoom for eight days to consider the worked committee bills. We will be monitoring these bills and update our members as applicable. Final rules and adjournment will happen the first week of February. See 2021 General Session Schedule

The WYOLEG website is key to tracking legislation and your legislators actions, making contact and accessing information.

Tomorrow’s virtual session and the Governor’s message will be livestreamed. For general questions about the General Session FAQ’s: More and information links here.

Currently, there are 57 House Bills and 45 Senate Files drafted and available for viewing on the website. To date, the majority of legislation drafted in preparation for the session are committee bills, though several are from individual legislators.

To see current draft legislation, go to WYOLEG website: https://www.wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2021

Some highlights of House bills and Senate files that are available for viewing on website.

HB 09  Short time Compensation Plan

Request from companies and businesses to be approved by Workforce Services allowing employer to offer shared benefits to employees who may be threatened with layoffs or a significant reduction in hours worked.

HB 11 O&G tax exemption

Reduction in severance taxes paid for crude oil and natural gas extraction by one-half. Applies for 12 months after exemption request on wells drilled after January 1, 2021 or the reworking of wells which were shut-in before July 1, 2020

HB 12 Bond Elections

Restricts the election of bond issues by local government to a general election and deletes primary election option.

HB 26 Fuel Tax

Increasing gasoline tax from $.23 to $.33 per gallon.  Also includes deduction for off-road vehicles, boats and snow machines. Proceeds to highway program.

HB 28 Wind generation Tax exemption Repeal

Ending the 3-year tax exemption on electrical generation by windmills.

HB 32 Ethics & Disclosure Act Amendments

Amends definitions prohibiting  personal benefit and nepotism  to include local government and Judiciary.

HB 37 Road Usage Charge

Imposing a per-mile fee for road usage. Proceeds going to WY state highway program.

HB 40 Industrial Siting Act Amendments

Including and Redefining “affected landowner” as those  within a 2-mile radius of industrial project who must be notified of project.

HB 46   Crime of Bestiality

Make’s sex with animals an offense with $1,000 fine.

HB 51  meat Processing Program

Provides up to $1,000,000 per meat processor to establish businesses, via CARES Act funds, to enhance slaughter and processing of Wyoming meats under impacts of Covid in meat packing industry.

HB 52 School Protein Enhancement Project

Allows up to $25,000 from unnamed source to WY Dept. of Ed. To increasing sourcing of Wyoming meats to school districts.

HB 54 WY meat packing Initiative

Directs WY Business Council to support and fund WY meat processing.

HB 55 Tabaco tax

Increases cigarette tax from $.03 to $.042 and snoose from $.60 to $.72

SF 12 Selective Service Registration

In driver license registration, will notify Selective Service of individuals required to register. 

SF16  Net metering Systems

Removing requirement of utilities to purchase P.V. generate electricity from Net metering customers built after July 1, 2021.  Public Service Commission would then be tasked with responsibility of setting rates, details of compensation for new small P.V. net metering generation built after July 1, 2021.  AN attempt to kill the P.V. industry and Net Metering in the state of WY.

SF 17  Governmental Publication Requirements

Removing requirement that local governmental meetings and proceedings be published in local papers readily accessible to community.  Record of meetings and proceedings of local government agencies would be placed on the appropriate agency’s website. Put forth as cost-savings measure but would make it more difficult to learn what our local governments, school boards, etc. are doing.

SF 23 Public meetings-executive sessions for security plans.

Allows governmental meetings to be  closed to the public  to consider security and safety planning.

SF 27 Essential health Product Dignity Act

Tax emption placed on feminine Hygiene products. 

SF 29 Revised Uniform Law on  Notarial Acts

A revision of Notaries Public, including allowing remote public document notarization

SF 34 Born Alive Infant means of Care

In all abortions, requires physicians to provide any and all available lifesaving methods to fetus that would be given in childbirth.

SF 41 Tax Lien Enforcement Amendments

In Tax lien actions on minerals, removes the current exemption of a new owner to cover any severance tax liens owed by the prior mineral operator.

SF 43 Wy Energy Authority Amendments Includes the support of rare Earth Minerals under the authority of the WY Energy Authority.