Call to Action

The following are some very easy things you can do to support SCSD2 trustees, teachers and librarians as they are being inundated by right wing demands to censor books (books that have been reviewed and selected by professional educators) for all our students. Our school librarians pore over book reviews, consider curriculum, policy, content, appeal and more. SCSD2’s policy guides in selection and also includes exactly how to request a library book be reconsidered.  

We suggest you read both Policy IJL Versions 1 & 2 and make up your own mind. The following are suggested ways to show your support for Sheridan County School District trustees, teachers and librarians.

Show up! 

The SCSD2 Board meets the first Monday of the month at 6 p.m. The May 1 meeting will have the second reading of Policy IJL Version 1 (Library Materials Selection and Access). This meeting is very important as there are those who wish to sow chaos and confusion into the policy which will not help in selection but rather hamper librarians and teachers as they select books for the schools.  It is important for you to show up early – perhaps by 5:00. Seating is limited.

Speak up! 

*Voice your support for the professionals: the librarians and the teachers 

Write! (short and to the point—from your heart.  You do not have to write an essay!) – To make it easy, email addresses for the trustees are below.  

*Send an email to the board members in support of IJL Policy Version 1,  (a copy is below) which allows parents to opt out of having their children have access to certain books. There is a movement to restrict books for all students.  

*Suggest changes or additions to IJL Policy 1. Now’s your chance!

*Thank the Board for their hard work and encourage them to continue being diligent and thoughtful problem solvers

*Encourage the Board not to allow outside political pressure to intimidate them

*Encourage the Board to adopt an “Opt Out” Policy for library books. Parents who do not want their children reading particular books, genres, authors, or topics may notify schools regarding their decision

*Send a letter to the Sheridan Press (

*spread the word to your friends and neighbors

The SCSD2 Board of Trustees:

 1st Rdng – IJL(Version 1) – BPC .pdf

 1st Rdng – IJL(Version 2) – BPC .pdf

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