WY Legislature – Corporations Committee on Elections/Voting

STARTS Thursday, August 25, 8:30 am

For all the meeting details: Legislative Committee Detail (wyoleg.gov)

Do you feel your voice doesn’t count?  Do you want to get big money out of politics??? 

You can help change this –here is one action you can do to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in Wyoming ASAP.

The Corporations Committee is meeting this coming Thursday morning, August 25th and will consider some  very important bills, and they need to hear from YOU.  (Info and talking points at the end of this email.)

Yes to Free and Fair Elections  (to get big bucks and dark money out of politics)

Link to bill: https://wyoleg.gov/InterimCommittee/2022/07-2022082523LSO-0132Freeandfairelections.

Yes to Ranked Choice Voting: (would allow all of us to have a voice in our elections) Link to bill: https://wyoleg.gov/InterimCommittee/2022/07-2022082522LSO-0058Elections-rankedchoicevoting.pdf

NO to Runoff Elections (which the right wing of the GOP wants so they can exert more control over our elections AND would require changing the Wy Constitution)

Links to bills: https://wyoleg.gov/InterimCommittee/2022/07-2022082522LSO-0329HJ0003Runoffelections-constitutionalamd.pdf and https://wyoleg.gov/InterimCommittee/2022/07-2022082522LSO-0330HB0074Runoffelections.pdf

Please take one minute and email the members of the Wyoming Corporations Committee NOW.

Reaching out to each of the committee members individually through email and  a phone call is the most effective way of making your voice heard.   Of course, you may not have the time, so you can send an email to the entire Corporations committee through  the Legislative Service Office email:  lso@wyoleg.gov

Sample email—and please get a friend in another county to send one too!:

Subject:  Yes on Free and Fair Elections and Ranked Choice Voting

Dear Senator (or Representative) specific name:

                Thank you for ……  (taking the time to read this, serving the Wy Citizens, etc….

                Please support the Free and Fair Elections because…..(talking points provided below, but if you carried the petition or have specific reasons/stories include them.) 





Brian.Boner@wyoleg.gov   Cell – (307) 359-0707                 Douglas (sponsoring Runoff Elections Bill which may mean he might oppose ours)

Cale.Case@wyoleg.gov      Home – (307) 332-7623              Lander

Ogden.Driskill@wyoleg.gov  Cell – (307) 680-5555             Devil’s Tower (Sponsoring Runoff Elections Bill which may mean he might oppose ours)

Tara.Nethercott@wyoleg.govCell – (307) 399-7696              Cheyenne

Charlie Scott doesn’t use email, and has been against our bill every time…but calling him or sending him a post card can make a difference: 

               Home – (307) 473-2512                   13900 State Highway 487 Casper, WY 82604


dan.zwonitzer@wyoleg.gov Cell – (307) 214-7826               Cheyenne

Jim.Blackburn@wyoleg.gov Home – (307) 514-4318            Cheyenne

Marshall.Burt@wyoleg.gov Cell – (307) 707-2878                Green River

Aaron.Clausen@wyoleg.gov Cell – (307) 351-3664              Douglas

Shelly.Duncan@wyoleg.gov Work – (307) 575-2894            Lingle

Danny.Eyre@wyoleg.gov Cell – (307) 782-6376                   Lyman

Andrea.LeBeau@wyoleg.gov Cell – (307) 349-6703             Riverton

Joe.MacGuire@wyoleg.gov Cell – (307) 333-3653                Casper

Jim.Roscoe@wyoleg.gov       Cell – (307) 730-5389              Wilson

Call, email, text, show up via zoom or in person to support it!  Here is the link to learn more:  https://wyoleg.gov/Calendar/20220801/Meeting

Info on Ranked Choice Voting:

Quick video:  https://www.fairvote.org/rcv#how_rcv_works

Article by a speaker to Braver Angels:  https://dailymontanan.com/2021/10/17/want-better-government-change-how-elections-are-run-in-montana/

Talking points for Free and Fair Elections

What is the problem with ?

-Our voices are drowned out by obscene amounts of (often anonymous) money that influence policy at every level. 

-Lawmakers spend too much time fundraising instead of working for us.

-Our taxes increase to pay for special projects pushed by big donors.

-The problems that face our nation go unsolved, and people become more and disenfranchised.

How can we begin to solve it?

            Help to limit the political spending of non-human entities by supporting the Free and Fair Elections which calls on Congress to pass a 28th Amendment to the Constitution.

Why a constitutional amendment?

-A century of campaign reform was overturned by Supreme Court rulings (including Citizens United vs FEC) that  defined money as speech and corporations (including 501c 3 groups and unions) as having the same Constitutional rights as people. 

-This action has prohibited states from setting limits on outside money influencing elections.

-These rulings can only be overturned by a constitutional amendment.

Wyoming’s constitution has it right:   “In their inherent right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, all members of the human race are equal.” ( –NOT corporations and special interest groups.)

Are we alone?  No! 19 other states have approved similar action.

More background:  Prior to the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United vs FEC, political spending was regulated by the bipartisan McCain-Feingold Act.  One provision of the Act was to prohibit “electioneering communications,” from being paid for by a corporation or issue group.  The 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision lifted that restriction, opening the door for unfettered spending by multinational corporations, unions and by wealthy donors to 501 C 4 groups who are not required to reveal their donors. 

-Wy citizen volunteers gathered  17,000 signatures in 2017 to try and get this on the ballot, and have been lobbying for this ever since