Action Update: Sheridan County DemoCATs

(Citizen Action Teams) on the Environment, Climate Change, and Public Lands.

Action Alert Update

Public Lands grab thwarted!

Photo by Rob Davidson

Like a re-occurring plague of flying monkeys, the federal land grabbers made their move before the Legislature’s Management Council for interim study. Vocally they were torched by the members and the public.

The Legislature’s Management Council voted to eliminate the topic of federal lands transfer from the interim study agenda for Joint Ag on Friday, April 16th.  Congratulations everyone!  There was a good discussion about it, and Rep. Sommers and Sen. Hicks weighed in strongly to remove the topic. There was an excellent response from Sheridan County Democrats. Thank you!

– Sheridan DemoCATs Environment/Climate Change/Public Lands

Public Lands Transfer Lobby with their agents in the Legislature at it again. 

The transfer of public lands from Federal to State is again a topic before our Legislature. Two House members in the Agriculture Committee have managed to get their failed legislation new life. Here is an article in WyoFile explaining how it was brought before the Joint Agriculture committee as a potential study topic for the 2021 legislative interim.

The Legislature’s Management Council will review and finalize interim topics at a meeting this Friday, April 16. We can weigh in before then to make a difference. 

For the most effective response, these emails should go in no later than 12 p.m. this  Thursday, April 15.

If you wish to  Management Council directly (which would be fantastic—you an additional vital lens to add to this conversation about the value of federal public lands in Wyoming and what would be lost by studying this topic), you can find the membership list here: 

NE Wyoming members of the Management Council:

Consider signing up to testify at the management council meeting next Friday. You can sign up to testify over Zoom at this link: 

The Joint Ag Committee is coming before the Management Council on Friday, April 16. Joint Ag is up to #10, right in the middle of the list, so it is not clear exactly what time the topic will be up.