From Our Chair

February 25, 2021

Fellow Democrats,

Every two years in March on the odd-numbered years, all of the County Democratic Central Committees in the state hold elections for officers per Article V, Section 3 of the Wyoming Democratic Party Bylaws. The Sheridan County election will occur as part of our regularly scheduled monthly meeting, next Tuesday, March 2nd at 6pm. The meeting will take place remotely, via Zoom, as have all of our meetings this past year. Any Democrat registered in Sheridan county may be nominated or may “self-nominate” for any of the positions which include; Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, State Committeewoman and State Committeeman. Some of our officers have expressed interest in continuing to serve, although we have no one expressing interest thus far in our Secretary position. All nominations are welcomed. As your current Chair, I will not be seeking an additional term. All terms are for two years. The voting members of the Sheridan County Democratic Central Committee are the elected or appointed precinct women and men of Sheridan County and are therefore urged to attend this important election. The duties of the various positions are reprinted below from the State Bylaws.

Democratically yours,

Hollis Hackman, Chair, Sheridan County Democrats