Action Alert-Legislature Trying to Kill Solar

Contact your Senators TODAY and Tell Them to Vote NO on SF 16, Net Metering!

The Wyoming Legislature is out to kill rooftop solar. There’s no other way to say it. In their efforts, they want to stop this growing economic sector, destroy 150 jobs, and jeopardize over a dozen small businesses that thrive in our communities.

The Senate will vote on SF 16, New net-metering systems  this week, January 26-28. This is the fourth bill we’ve seen in two years trying to kill rooftop solar. We’ve stopped these efforts in the past and we can do it again!

Small-scale solar systems help homeowners, businesses, and local governments save electricity and money, but are seen as a threat by utility companies. In two years of public comment, with hundreds of citizens weighing in, no one has testified in support of this legislative agenda except the utilities themselves.

And, the legislature has continually tried to thwart the public’s ability to effectively participate in this public policy discussion. One senator, reflecting back on the process that brought this bill to the general session, stated frankly that it was “not a good day for the Wyoming Legislature.”

—————— WHAT YOU CAN DO ——————

We need to show we won’t be deterred, nor scared away.  To affirm our voice in Wyoming’s future, we must show up. Please send a short email today to your Senators asking them to vote NO on SF 16!.

Tell Senators “NO” on Senate File 16

  • Small household sized wind and solar electric generation is .06% of all utility customers in WYO.
  • They still pay sizeable service charges to be connected to the power grid. This is no “subsidy”.
  • Excess home-based power only gets compensated at “avoided costs”, a fraction of what you pay for power from the utility company.
  • Small, local businesses  all around WY build and service these small systems. SF 16 will put them out of business.
  • The legislature should look at the major subsidies provided to utility monopolies in these time of severe budget cuts.
  • Homeowner power systems are an investment that should not be taken away by our elected officials.
  • Customers should have choice to generate a small amount of electricity to help reduce costs from Wall Street Utility monopolies.

Thanks to Wyoming Outdoor Council & Powder River Basin Resource Council for their work on this issue.